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Top10 most frequently asked customer questions at Elite Repeat

10. Do you ever mark the clothes down?

Yes, we do. Consigned items are marked down 10% after they have been here 31 days….20% after 41 days…and 30% after 51 days. We also have two huge clearance sales a year. At the end of January and the end of July EVERYTHING in the store is marked down up to 75%!

9. Will I be able to buy a new car if I sell all of my clothes?

Probably not, but there are a lot of consignors who do make hundreds of dollars and some even make thousands! We pay you 50% of the selling price so the more you sell, the more you make.

8. Are all sales final at Elite Repeat?
Yes. All sales are final so please shop carefully.

7. Can someone help me?
Absolutely!  That's why we're here!  While we may look like we are very busy, we are always happy to help you. Customer Service is our top priority so please let us know what we can do to help make your shopping and consigning experience the best that it can be. 

6. Do you prosecute shoplifters?
Yes. While we do our best to prevent shoplifters with an attentive staff, video surveillance and security tags, there are still creeps out there who steal. We do offer generous cash rewards to customers who help identify shoplifters and handcuffs to the thieves themselves.

5. Do you have a public rest room?

No, sorry. Please come well rested.

4. Do I need an appointment to bring in clothes?
Yes, you do. If you have designer label clothing, that is in excellent condition and less than 3 years old, any of our associates will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

3. Why do I need an appointment?
Because everyone loves this store and wants to bring their clothes here. We have to manage the chaos somehow!

2. What can I do with my kids, who drive me crazy when I am shopping?
Well, do not leave them in the car, for heaven’s sake! This is Minnesota where it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. At Elite Repeat we have a great little play area with blocks and Disney movies to watch. If your children are over 18, then tell them to bring their own credit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Our Number One most frequently asked customer question:

1. Is Elite Repeat the greatest store, or what?
Yes, we sure think so! Not only do we have a fun, helpful and friendly staff but we also have great customers and consignors who make Elite Repeat the Best Consignment Store in the Twin Cities!  Come in and see for yourself...you'll be happy you did!